Swati started in Mumbai as a tiny restaurant in 1963, when it began serving a small selection of home-made chaats and hand churned ice creams. These were much loved by family and friends and the restaurant quickly developed a following of loyal customers. Over time, with innovative additions to the menu, Swati has expanded to three thriving and hugely popular restaurants in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, all family run, with a reputation for consistently delighting guests with its distinctive flavours. 

Swati’s innovative menu builds upon traditional dishes that guests remember eating at home, as well as street foods that are remembered from carefree days. These memories are revived in a new setting, elegantly modern, functional without being fussy, quick and to the point, a place that welcomes a wide range of patrons, from its many regulars, to first time visitors eager for a taste of India.

We see this as a responsibility and opportunity that we strive to fulfil with excellence. Our aim is to offer a delightful experience where one can feel comfortable and enjoy delicious food. We take nutritional aspect of our food seriously, making sure it is freshly prepared and hygienic, wholesome and enjoyable, flavourful without being unhealthy.